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At HILT CRC, we provide our partners with access to world-class research and a collaborative network of industry, research and government representatives.

We invite you to join the 50+ research, industry and government organisations who have already partnered with us to make a real impact on decarbonising heavy industry.


the big opportunity

Heavy Industry is a crucial contributor to the world’s economy. But the urgency to meet net-zero and decarbonise heavy industry is greater than ever.

We need to rethink practices, reimagine an emission intensive sector, create and invest in new large-scale technologies, and do it all quickly and effectively.

The risks are plenty. But so are the opportunities.

The transition pathway to net-zero carbon emissions is too big a task for one company or one nation on its own.

Capital costs and risks can be dramatically reduced by working collaboratively with experts from across industry, and with the best subject researchers to overcome the barriers and accelerate the transition.

Through our industry led research programs and projects, we are solving the technical challenges for heavy industry to take this next step.

the benefits

delivering value for partners

We are a partner-based organisation that undertakes research projects determined by industry’s needs.

Our collaborative structure includes three Research Programs with research and industry leaders to ensure our teams of researchers are strongly aligned with industry and focus research on the practical challenges that companies face to de-risk the technology pathways to decarbonise heavy industry.

Partner rights and benefits are structured according to different tiers of membership and participate in different levels of our governance structure.

Each HILT CRC project is governed by a project agreement with bespoke IP arrangements which are based on general IP and Commercialisation Guidelines.

how do i join?

If you are interested in joining HILT, please contact us and our team will be in touch.

International partners at all Partnership levels are welcome to join.

A simple Expression of Interest Form for New Partners is then completed, followed by a Partner Agreement, once the expression of interest form is endorsed by existing HILT CRC Core Partners.


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