A true collaboration of the best minds in industry, research and government, working together for a low-carbon heavy industry.

Our approach is problem-solving research that can be adopted by industry. Our collaborative structure means that our teams of researchers are strongly aligned with industry to focus research on the practical challenges that companies face to de-risk the technology pathways to decarbonise heavy industry.

Three Research Programs have been developed across Processing Technologies, Cross-Cutting Technologies and Facilitating Transformation.

  • Program 1

Process Technologies

This research program will accelerate carbon footprint reduction in industrial processes with preferred emerging technologies, including, producing green iron products from magnetite, producing green iron products from Pilbara ores, green alumina calcination, and low-carbon lime, cement and alumina. It will also provide new understanding of ways to de-risk the large investments needed to transform energy intensive processes, while directly supporting the development and demonstration of emerging technologies.


  • Program 2

Cross-Cutting Technologies

This research program provides opportunities for partners in multiple sectors to share costs and determine how to best mitigate CO2 derived from the processes themselves. The goal of this program is to develop and demonstrate novel technologies that have economic potential to lower carbon intensity through low-carbon heat, fuels, oxidants and reductants.


  • Program 3

Facilitating Transformation

This program will assess the best ways to bring HILT CRC’s technologies to market. Questions such as where to establish new processes, which technology options make the most sense and how best to transition are multidimensional and complex.

HILT CRC will create and evaluate alternative pathways, drawing on process specific techno-economic evaluations of the process and the larger systems in which they operate.


Research Strategy

Our Research Strategy was developed in close consultation with our partners across the heavy industrial sector in Australia and overseas, and identifies outputs, pathways and prioritised focus areas which can be used to drive the development of projects and contribute to the planning for infrastructure.

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