Magaldi Power S.p.A has joined HILT CRC as a Key Partner, highlighting Magaldi’s commitment to devising innovative solutions for the energy transition and the reduction of carbon emissions in heavy industries.

HILT CRC is an Australian based collaborative venture linking industry, research, and government organisations to de-risk and accelerate technologies that will create a low-carbon heavy industry sector and achieve Net Zero by 2050. Established in June 2021, HILT CRC was awarded Commonwealth funds over 10 years with investments over approx. AUD $200M (cash and in kind).

Magaldi, a global engineering company and a leading technology provider, are experts in bulk material handling and have developed pioneering solutions for a large number of industries. Founded in 1929, and based in Italy, Magaldi is among the world leaders in the design and manufacturing of industrial machinery and plants for handling materials in severe conditions (i.e., high temperatures, heavy loads, steep inclinations, dusty, toxic or abrasive materials, etc.) in a wide range of industries (power and heat, metallurgy, metal casting, cement, metal working). The company has several international subsidiaries including one in Sydney, Australia.

By collaborating with HILT CRC, Magaldi aims to support its move into the renewable energy field, developing an innovative solar thermal technology based on modular units  its expertise in the conveyor belt domain, such as with ECOBELT, an entirely enclosed system designed for the high-temperature handling of bulk materials. Furthermore, in a different sphere of interest always related to sustainability and energy green transition, Magaldi can share its breakthrough electro thermal energy storage solution that allows steam production for industrial use in a power-to-heat configuration.

HILT’s CEO Jenny Selway said, “Magaldi’s ambition shows strong alignment with HILT CRC’s mission and strategy. We welcome Magaldi to HILT and look forward to collaborating on new technology developments and solutions to help heavy industry decarbonise.”

Mario Magaldi, Chairman of the Board and Chief Inventor, said that “Magaldi Power is excited to become a part of the HIL T consortium. Magaldi’s engagement with HILT will be wholehearted, aligning closely with the mission of the consortium: to develop reliable technologies for a sustainable future and to facilitate an ambitious shift towards renewable energy sources. Within this collaboration, Magaldi will share its proprietary technologies in both the energy storage and material handling sectors. This sharing of expertise and technology underscores the company’s dedication to advancing sustainable practices and contributing to a greener, more efficient future.”

Magaldi joins 52 other partners across industry, research and government organisations who, through HILT CRC, will perform collaborative research dedicated to developing and demonstrating low-carbon technologies that will help transition the steel, iron, alumina, and cement industries to decarbonise heavy industry and grow the economy.

For more information, please contact:

Jordan Parham, Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships Director, HILT CRC
Mobile: +61 406 384 238, Email

Federica Pinto, Marketing Dept, Magaldi Power S.p.A.
Mobile +39 342 1263711 Email

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