HILT CRC’s Education & Training program is a major catalyst for equipping Australia’s future workforce with the skills required to adapt to low-carbon markets and be sustainable for the long term. We provide opportunities to both retain expertise in the industry and attract new entrants to it.

We do this by:

  • Providing postgraduate support and industry internships,
  • Assisting with VET training to fill skills gaps in the industry,
  • Providing professional development to our CRC partners, and
  • Disseminating current research results through webinars and conferences.

Postgraduate RESEARCH Opportunities

Through engagement with industry and universities we are training the heavy industry workforce of the future through practical, demand driven research projects with world-leading teams and facilities.

We offer Higher Degrees by Research (HDR), through a PhD or Masters qualification providing you with the opportunity to acquire world-leading training in a field of growing demand to take your engineering career further.

By joining our postgraduate research program, you will work on real industry problems and challenges with the potential for immediate high-impact practical results to decarbonise heavy industry. When undertaking a research degree with us, you will also gain:

Expert knowledge – designed specifically for the heavy industry sector and draws on your foundation of engineering knowledge by developing further skills tailored to transitioning the steel, iron, alumina and cement industries to reduce heavy industry’s carbon emissions.

Invaluable networking opportunities and professional development – benefit from opportunities to collaborate and network with multiple industries and research experts and teams via participating in the HILT CRC specialised webinars, yearly conferences and master classes.

Career outcomes – linked with industry and government, you will gain hands on industry experience to help you develop the skills required to operate in a new low-carbon economy, become an expert in your field, and enhance your employability.

A platform for communicating your findings – your research findings may be presented at industry conferences, published, commercialised and in turn, create a positive impact on society.

For further information, please contact us to learn more about postgraduate research opportunities with HILT CRC and how to apply.


If you are interested in studying a research degree with us, you can choose a project (or multiple projects) listed below or propose your own by contacting us at hdr@hiltcrc.com.au.


We can provide full, co-funded or top-up scholarships to eligible postgraduate students (Higher Degree by Research students at both Master and PhD levels) across our three research programs at our partner universities.

Why apply for a scholarship with HILT CRC?

  • Interact with industry and help solve one of the planets most critical issues
  • Work and learn from renowned academics and industry experts
  • Attend informative webinars and conferences for professional development opportunities
  • Enables you to focus full time on your research studies

The types of scholarships and financial support available usually include:

  • Living allowances: also known as a stipend, provides fortnightly payments to help with living expenses and are available for projects with full-time students.
  • Tuition fee offsets and waivers: most Australian students are eligible for the Commonwealth Government Research Training Program fee offset. International students are encouraged to enquire about how tuition fee waivers are calculated before applying for a scholarship.
  • Other expenses: top-up scholarships can be provided to further assist with living allowances, and other opportunities such as conference travel costs or support for costs associated with the research.

Any student interested in undertaking a postgraduate scholarship is encouraged to review the Scholarship Guidelines and complete the HDR Scholarships Application Form. Details for how to apply for postgraduate scholarships are included in the guidelines.


We support our PhD students by offering internship opportunities enabling them to work with our industry partners on HILT CRC related research projects.

By undertaking an internship, students are provided with valuable learning opportunities and workplace experiences to help them become future industry leaders. These experiences allow our students to integrate theory they learn during their PhD studies with practice, in a real-world setting with an industry partner.

Internship placements not only benefits our students but also allows our industry partners to help to nurture tomorrow’s engineering professionals, while gaining access to a dynamic talent pool of upcoming PhD graduates and identifying future employees.

The objectives of the internship program are to:

Connect – talented PhD students with industry to offer a unique skill-set and gain a fresh perspective on new ideas.

Collaborate – facilitate linking industry partners with future engineering industry leaders passionate about learning and their future career.

Contribute – help industry to develop the next wave of talented engineering professionals.

Discover – allow students to gain insight into industry and build their professional networks.

To check your eligibility for an internship placement, please review our PhD Internship Guidelines or contact us for more details.


In addition to supporting Higher Degree by Research (HDR) students at both Master and PhD levels, we provide financial support for the development of coursework materials at VET, undergraduate and postgraduate levels through the “HILT CRC Coursework Grant” program.

The below education and training providers are eligible to apply for the “HILT CRC Coursework Grant”.  If you are interested in applying for the Coursework Development Grant, please contact us at hdr@hiltcrc.com.au for more details.

  • The University of Adelaide
  • Australian National University
  • Curtin University
  • Swinburne University of Technology
  • The University of Newcastle
  • Queensland University of Technology
  • TAFE Victoria
  • TasTAFE
  • Canberra Institute of Technology
  • TAFE Queensland
  • Charles Darwin University TAFE

Industry Training

Heavy industry-focused short courses and micro-credentials at all levels are currently being developed to support lifelong learning initiatives for our industry partners. These will provide a structured ladder of learning and upskilling for employees and include the latest findings from HILT CRC research programs.

We will also have a particular focus on meeting the workforce shortages and skill gaps in regional areas. As such, flexible delivery methods, including web-based learning and weekend block release packages, will become available to maximise employees’ ability to participate in these training opportunities.

Details of training opportunities will be updated here when they become available.

Postgraduate Students

HILT CRC aims to support 45 PhD and 50 Masters students undertaking an industry-focussed research project at one of our 6 partner universities during our 10-year lifetime. Here are some of our postgraduate students who have joined us so far.

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