HILT CRC has achieved carbon neutral certification for our head office operations through the Australian Government’s Climate Active Program.

We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint within our operations sharing the responsibility and challenge of reducing carbon emissions, together with working towards our vision of a prosperous heavy industry sector at the forefront of the global low-carbon transition.

Our carbon footprint will be measured annually through our Climate Active certification, and we will start to reduce our carbon footprint year on year by:

  • Annual measurement and reporting of our carbon emissions.
  • Greater use of remote meeting and event options in lieu of business travel.
  • Optimising travel to combine purposes and thereby reducing the overall number of flights required.
  • Immediately preference suppliers who are Climate Active certified.
  • Immediately preference airline suppliers who have ambitions for net-zero.
  • Lobby (and assist where possible) lessor of HILT CRC’s head office premise to become Climate Active certified.
  • Waste reduction in our office premises through recycling and composting including the reduction of takeaway coffee cups and plastic drink bottles.


These are just a few ways we intend to reduce our carbon footprint. As an organisation committed to reducing carbon emissions, we will be constantly monitoring how we can further adopt more sustainable business practices and changes in the way we do business, to ensure our carbon emissions are equal to net-zero.


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